By : Putu Maha Suta Negara

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Department : Profesi Dokter Hewan

The pattern of growth of body weight of the female bali duck influence by many factors one of them feed. This research aims to know the pattern of growth of body weight, so specify how many body weight at the bali duck females reached a point of inflection and adult sizes. Ducks are in use in the object of the research is the bali duck females age 0 to 12 weeks as many as 35 tails and 14 to 26 weeks as many as 35 tails in the keep by the breeder in semi intesif in the village of Kalianget, Seririt, Regency of Buleleng, Bali. The data obtained are analyzed with the analysis of Fingerprints and to know at how reach the point of inflection and adulthood do analysis regresi model sigmoid. Research results showed at the age of 0 to 8 weeks of the bali duck females going on a real body weight growth (P 0.05 <) then at the age of 10 to 12 weeks of growth has begun to slow and at this age, there is already an increase in the size of the body weight is not real (P > 0.05). Whereas, in this phase of slow growing body weight size changes are not real (P > 0.05). The results of the regression analysis showed that sigmoid model of body weight ducks reached a point of inflection in the age 0.806 weeks with weights 0.19 kg. And reach adult size at age of 32.288 weeks with weights 1.53 kg.

Keyword : Balinese Duck females, body weight, the point of inflection, adult sizes.

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