Incidence Rate of Rabies and Mapping of Infected Status Village in Mengwi District Periode January until August 2015



By : R R Chandra Gita S P.

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Department : Profesi Dokter Hewan

Rabies is a zoonotic disease that attacks the central nervous system which can be fatal. The disease is caused by Lyssavirus of Rhabdoviridae family and can infected all mammals including humans. This research was done to know the incidence rate of rabies and rabies incidence point coordinates in Mengwi district from January until August 2015. Incidence rate of rabies was analyzed by descriptive quantitatively using Microsoft Excel and for the purposes of mapping use Quantum-GIS software. This study used two types of data are primary data and secondary data. Primary data obtained by determining the coordinates of the location where the discovery of positive cases of canine rabies that has been confirmed in a laboratory and secondary data used the number of cases of canine rabies in the dog and dog population in Mengwi district. The incidence rate of rabies in District Mengwi period January to August 2015 amounted to 0,17%. Out of the 20 villages in the district Mengwi 6 villages were found the incidence of rabies, which in April 2015 was found at the coordinate 115o 16' 85"E and 8o 54' 58"S in Mengwi village, in May 2015 was found at the coordinate 115o 16 '15"E and 8o 56' 71"S in Mengwitani village, in July 2015 was found at 3 different coordinates, first coordinates at 115o 17' 66"E and 8o 57' 78"S in Kapal village, second coordinates at 115o 17 '50 "E and 8o 59' 26"S in Abianbase village, third coordinate 115o12'46"E and 8o62'25"S in Munggu village, while in August 2015 the incidence of rabies was found at 2 different coordinates, first coordinate 115o15'E and 8o59'S in Abianbase village, second coordinate is found at 115o 17 '75 "E and 8o 52' 30"S in Werdi Bhuwana village.

Keyword : Rabies, dogs, incidence rate, mapping, Mengwi district

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