Identification of chemical compound of extract of Devil's trompet flower in Bali



By : Irma Rozalina

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Department : Profesi Dokter Hewan

Indonesia is a country has tropical climate and diverse biological in it. Growing a variety of plants with a variety of benefits. Including as a medicinal plant, such as devil's trumpet. Devil's trumpet is a poisonous plant, but is often used as an anesthetic, antitussive, bronchodilator, hallucinogens, to natural pesticide. Bali, as one of the centers growers of medicinal plants, has two variations of devil's trumpet flowers, they are purple and white. To determine the class of chemical compounds contained in the ethanol extraction amethyst flower (Datura metel L.) in Bali as a potential anesthetic conducted research using a sample obtained from the cone-shaped flowers Serangan Village, South Denpasara, Bali. Flowers were extracted with 96% ethanol, then do phytochemical test, the results showed that the positive devil's trumpet flower contains triterpenoids / steroids, flavonoids, phenolics, tannins, saponins and alkaloids. And chemical compounds that have the potential as an anesthetic was saponins and alkaloids.

Keyword : Anesthesia, Devils trompet flower, ethanol extract, phytochemical screening

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