By : M. Andry Rahim

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Department : Profesi Dokter Hewan

Developing an understanding of the body's immune response in the face of the growing microorganism infection also research into components that can affect the immune response. This study aims to determine the benefits of leaves of musk used as imunostimulatory to increase the activity and phagocytic capacity of macrophages in mice. Studies using mice, were divided into three groups A, B, C. Each group consisted of 12 individuals. A group given distilled water as a control treatment, group B was given musk leaf extract concentrations of 5% and group C was given the leaf extract kasturi 10%. Activity and macrophage phagocytic capacity is calculated (minutes of the 15th, 30, 45, 60). Phagocytic activity of macrophages phagocyte count of 100 cells. Phagocytic capacity of macrophages counted 50 active macrophage cells fagocyt bacteria. The results showed that the phagocytic activity of macrophages in the control group (10.67 5.24), the extract concentration of 5% (25.25 5.06), and the extract concentration of 10% (39.58 5.45 ). Phagocytic capacity of macrophage cells in the control group (578.08 186.94), the extract concentration of 5% (700.58 199.58), and the extract concentration of 10% (832.83 182.16). Leaf extract Kasturi (Mangifera casturi) was highly significant (P <0.01) against the increase in activity and the capacity of macrophage phagocytosis. Activity and phagocytosis capacity increases with increased concentration of leaf extract Kasturi (Mangifera casturi) is given, and the contact time with the bacteria macrophages. Summed up musk leaves (Mangifera casturi) can be used as an immunostimulatory.

Keyword : leaves Kasturi (Mangifera casturi), phagocytosis, macrophages.

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