bone tickness, bone structure, bone strength os tibia in cow



By : Betharia Criselda Fanggidae

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan

Department : S1 Pendidikan Dokter Hewan

Broken bone caused by transportation process to animal market happen to sapi bali been reported, this broken bone always happen at anytime to Tibia bona. The aim of this research is knowing the density, structure and strength (pressure power) bones of sapi bali. This research uses explorative layout and collected data were analyzed descriptively. Bones of cow were collected in 20 pieces of bone from slaughterhouse Mambal Abiansemal, Badung, Bali. In this research tibia bones were taken because this bone has less variety in weight measurements. According to the measurements resulted weight measurements type of sapi bali 1,95 g/mL, bone’s diametre of tibia bones 26,45 mm, cortical tickness of tibia bones ((5,5 mm (up side); 6,25 mm (middle side); and 5,35 mm (down side)) whereas for pressure bone’s test of sapi bali resulted in average 1,93 pascal (N/cm2). Summary of this research is the wieght of sapi bali bones were successfully measured which be cared in Bali, tibia bone’s diametre, tickness of cortical tibia bones and pressure power of tibia sapi bali’s bone.

Keyword : bone tickness, bone structure, bone strength

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