Design of Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Integrated With Mobile Applications



By : I Gusti Prema Pradana

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Ilmu Komputer

The importance of the functions of the server room as a place to store the server (application and database), network devices (routers, hubs) and other devices associated with the operation of an enterprise network or system, requires labor safety standards to protect the devices in it. One of the safety standards that must be of concern is the temperature and humidity of the server room itself. The number of devices that were in the room makes the temperature and humidity should be maintained. Temperature and humidity monitoring process manually would not give a warning when the temperature rises beyond the normal limits. To overcome these problems, we need a system that can monitor the temperature and humidity of the room automatically and in real time. As implemented in this study temperature and humidity monitoring system integrated server space with a mobile-based applications. Where the system is established using a microcontroller Arduin, DHT11 sensor and android based mobile application. The resulting system was able to provide notification or notification to the user when the value of the temperature or humidity of the server room is outside normal limits. Tests using black box testing on features in the application as a form of implementation has been declared valid. After which all the test results meet the functional requirements of the system.

Keyword : temperature, humidity, server room, microcontroller, android

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