Design of Web-Based Information Retrieval System of Balinese Arts Articles by Using TF-IDF Method



By : Kadek Hendra Gunawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Ilmu Komputer

Art is part of the means used to express the beauty of the the human soul. Arts produced from time to time are extremely diverse. Bali as a world tourism destination has distinctive features on arts and culture. To maintain the Balinese art from extinction or lost, it is necessary to carry out the preservation of the arts. One of the efforts is to preserve the Balinese arts by means of introducing it to the public, such as holding the Bali Arts Festival, cultural performances, and documentation of the arts. Today's digital documentation is necessary, where the advantages of the digital documentation is the faster information retrieval process. However, with the abundant amount of arts, sometimes irrelevance of the search results occurred. To overcome these problems, this research proposes the use of TF-IDF method in the process of information retrieval. In this method, the weight of each word (term) will be rated the value to be used for calculating the relevance of the document data of arts. From the test results, it was obtained dataset articles of totaling 150 articles. Balinese arts articles search system using TF-IDF has an average value of 71.02% precision and high retrieval value amounted to 98.16%. This shows that the system is able to search for articles of Balinese arts in accordance with the article keywords selected by the user.

Keyword : Articles on Balinese arts, TF-IDF, Information Retrieval System

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