Android-Based Application of Banyuwangi Tourist Guide with Recommended System by Using TOPSIS Method



By : Nico Prasetya S

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Ilmu Komputer

Natural and cultural wealth is an important component of tourism in Indonesia. It is also immediately observed by the Government of Banyuwangi Regency that the natural wealth in Banyuwangi can be processed and introduced so that the income of foreign exchange for the country can be increased. The location of Banyuwangi Regency that close to Bali Island can also be utilized to attract tourists to come. All promotions made by the Government of Banyuwangi have successfully invited local and foreign tourists to come to Banyuwangi. However, every tourists visiting Banyuwangi be it local or foreign tourists perhaps do not know about how they will enjoy the beauty of Banyuwangi Regency. Therefore, it needs an innovation system to overcome this problem by creating mobile android-based of City Tourist Guide system. This recommendation system is based on the choices of travelers themselves which will then be processed using the TOPSIS method in which this method recommends a place based on the highest preference value of the tourist choices. The advantage of using the TOPSIS method in this system is that the recommended place will be the closest place to the tourists themselves because the inputs or the ratings for this method come from the tourists themselves. TOPSIS method also has efficient and easy computing to be implemented in this system. The android-based application of Banyuwangi Tourist Guide that has been built can be used by tourists who come to Banyuwangi to obtain information about Banyuwangi. The recommendation system using the TOPSIS method can run well on the Banyuwangi Tourist Guide application to generate recommendations based on the criteria the that user wants.

Keyword : recommendation, TOPSIS, Banyuwangi, Tourist, Guide.

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