Vermicidal activity test extract ethanol Tree bark lamtoro Leuceana leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit) at earthworms (Pheretima posthuma) with in vitro



By : Simasti Annurrahman

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Farmasi

ABSTRACT Ascariasis is an infection caused by Ascaris lumbricoides. The infected child can undergo a decrease health, decrease in body weight until death. Tackling ascariasis in child by providing an anthelmintic. Pyrantel pamoatis a anthelmintic broad spectrum, but easy generate resistance and relatively expensive price. Therefore, the development potential of traditional medicinal plants as an anthelmintic. The aim of this research are to know whether Leucaena leucocephala tree bark ethanol extract has vermisidal activity against Pheretima posthumaand determine LC100 and LT100 values of Leucaena leucocephala tree bark ethanol extract. This research was done by several stages such as plant determination, moisture content determination of simplicia and extract, phytochemical screening, and anthelmintic activity test in vitro. Anthelmintic activity test was done by using 7 groups with 3 repetition. Group I was given suspension CMC-Na 0,5% b/v as negative control; group II was given suspension pyrantel pamoat 0,042% b/v as positive control; and group III-VII was given Leucaena leucocephala tree bark ethanol extract suspension 0,25% b/v; 0,5% b/v; 1% b/v; 2% b/v; and 4% b/v respectively. Petri dishes was incubated in 37C, observed every 2 hours for 50 hours. Percentage of child roundworm mortality were analyse by Kruskal-Wallis test along with Mann-Whitney test. LC100 and LT100 value was determine using probit analysis. Phytochemical screening showed that Leucaena leucocephala tree bark ethanol extract contains triterpenoid, saponin, glycoside, and tannin. Leucaena leucocephala tree bark ethanol extract dosage4% b/v showed vermisidal activity against Pheretima posthumaas significantly than negative control (p<0,05). Probit analysis demonstrated Leucaena leucocephala tree bark ethanol extract has LC100 in 4,2% b/v and LT100 in 53 hours.

Keyword : Vermisidal,Tree BarkLeucaena leucocephala, Pheretima posthuma, LC100, LT100

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