Influence Analysis Dollar Exchange Rate, Inflation, and Production Of Ornamental Export Fish in Bali



By : Fitria Eviana Khoironi

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Faculties : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Department : S1 Ekonomi Pembangunan

Acquisition of Bali Province has abundant natural resources of the sea, one of the sectors that the Government is the production of ornamental fish with various species are spread across the island. Through international trade Bali Province can develop commodity export ornamental fish, ornamental fish both freshwater and marine water ornamental fish. Trends hobby maintain ornamental fish becoming popular in many countries so that the ornamental fish exports has increased from year to year, so it can be said that the commodity as an excellent ornamental fish export mainstay of Bali Province. This study aims to determine the effect of US dollar exchange rate (X1), inflation (X2), and production (X3), simultaneously and partially on the export of ornamental fish in Bali Province (Y) in the period 1991-2015. The data used is secondary data, and the method of data collection is done by observation according to the variables in the model. And the use E-views program 6 to perform processing Multiple Linear Regression Analysis, equipped with the classical assumption and standardized beta coefficients. Based on the results of data analysis can be seen that the variable dollar exchange rate, inflation, and the production of an effect simultaneously to export ornamental fish in Bali Province 1991-2015. Partially it can be concluded that: (1) the dollar exchange rate and a significant positive effect on the export of ornamental fish, (2) inflation no significant effect on the export of ornamental fish, (3) the production of positive and significant effect on the export of ornamental fish. Variable inflation is the dominant variable in the export of ornamental fish in Bali Province 1991-2015 period. Advice from researchers that the fishermen do not just rely on catches from the sea, fishermen are expected to start using the technology transfer to the cultivation of ornamental fish. In addition to maintaining the number of fish in the ocean in the long term, cultivation will increase production of ornamental fish without a fishing fishermen who depend on season and weather.

Keyword : ornamental fish export, dollar exchange rate, inflation, and production

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