Identification and Characterization of Plant Genetic Resources Local Fruits in Jembrana



By : I Putu Dian Pratama

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Faculties : Fakultas Pertanian

Department : S1 Agroekoteknologi

I Putu Dian Pratama. NIM. 1105105069. Identification and Characterization of Plant Genetic Resources Local Fruits in Jembrana. Supervised by: Ir I Gusti Alit Gunadi, M.S. and Ida Ayu Putri Darmawati, S.P.,M.Si. Fruit are one source of nutritious food that has diverse functions such as: a source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed in the daily menu. Fruit used as a consumption society, the needs of tourism, trade between the islands, as wellas to the means of religious activity, even by generations of local fruit is used as a tool in usadha. Jembrana has a wide range of fruit trees. This study aims to identify the types of genetic resources of fruit in Jembrana. This research was conducted with five stages, namely: (1) secondary data collection, (2) surveys the types of genetic resources and distributions, (3) identification of morphological characters and agronomy, (4) determine the seeds fruit, and (5) make up the geographical map distribution of genetic resources of local fruit. Research in Jembrana found 38 species and 53 sub-types of local fruit trees, with 6 different types of eminent fruit, 12 kinds of rare fruits, 17 types of fruit that usually use for upakara, and 9 types of fruits that are use as medicine. Based on the results of the survey conducted in Jembrana then it can be possible to composed 41 map of geographical distributions of local fruit.

Keyword : local fruit, Jembrana, identification, and characterization

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