By : Ketut Ary Widjaya

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknologi Informasi

Calendar is a system of naming a period of time. The naming of this time period is based on the movements of space objects such as sun and moon or agreements. Balinese Calendar is very important in the socio cultural life of Balinese people. Some of holy days such as Nyepi and Siwaratri are set based on Balinese Calendar Caka as well as Piodalan of Temples in Bali. The aim of this research is to design engine PL / SQL of Balinese Calendar to show the information based on calculation of Balinese Calendar accurately and real time such as searching of Wuku, Wewaran, Purnama, etc. The implementation engine PL/SQL database of Balinese Calendar gets the execution time for an average date is 0.070 seconds and 1 minute 17 seconds for a year with the level of accuracy for a date or a year are 100 %. The design of engine PL/SQL of Balinese Calendar can help the application developer who wants to use engine to show information of Balinese Calendar real time with ease without having to be bothered by complicated calculation in Balinese Calendar. The result is very accurate with the comparison of existing application features, as follows based on web, desktop and mobile.

Keyword : Balinese Calendar, Engine PL/SQL, Wuku, Wewaran.

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