Design of Medical Information System Application Using Barcode Based Desktop and Android



By : Ida Bagus Surya Paramarta

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Information Systems are components that work together to collect, process, store and disseminate information to support decision making, coordination, control, problem analysis and visualization within an organization. Prima Karya Clinic is a health service facility that carries out individual health services providing basic and / or special medical services, organized by more than one type of health worker (nurse and / or midwife) and is led by a medical professional (general practitioner, physician, Dentist or dentist specialist child). Application of barcode technology is used aims to provide fast and accurate information on patient data collection and retrieval of medical information by doctors using Android smartphones. Applications built to provide ease in registration, data processing and provision of data information. Application design using Visual Basic for desktop application, programming language for Android application using Java and MySQL as database. In the barcode type system used is code 3 and 9. Medical Information System application using Barcode based desktop and Android is made through several stages of system design, database creation, barcode creation, barcode readings and application development both on desktop and Android. The work of Medical Information System application using Barcode based on desktop and Android is able to display patient data information to doctor through scan barcode which is displayed on desktop and Android application and can update patient data information and doctor at Clinic Karya Prima.

Keyword : Information System, Android, Barcode, Desktop, Database

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