By : Dewa Gede Dede Pramana

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Energy is an aspect of human life in the spotlight worldwide. The development of solar cell technology worldwide is now being conducted. Solar cell technology used in solar. In a PLTS certainly much use solar cell. Solar cells being developed is also utilizing the system control / monitoring. The monitoring system is defined as a cycle of activities that include collecting, reviewing, reporting, and acting on information of a process that is being implemented. Generally, monitoring is used in checking the performance and set targets. Monitoring in terms of the relationship to performance management is an integrated process to ensure that the process goes according to plan (on the track). Methods in making this system is divided into two parts: first, the design of the hardware (hardware) which consists of designing electronic devices. Second, the design of software (software). Programming system of monitoring and recording of data using Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 and Arduino IDE. Performance monitoring system based solar panel Atmega 328 microcontroller has been successfully implemented. Based on test results using 12v LED light load, the monitoring system has been able to inform when the solar panel voltage drop occurs interference with their indicators on the sides of the panel, if the red flashing voltage below the minimum voltage limit is 8,0v and will be less good status , but instead flashes green if the voltage is above the minimum voltage limit is 8,0v and in good standing. Results of testing the software has been successfully demonstrated the expected results during the test using black box testing methods.

Keyword : Solar power, ArduinoIDE, Software, Microsoft visual basic, Solar Cell.

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