Designing Network Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Using Technology Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) At Mall Park23



By : I Putu Gede Yudha Pratama

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Mall Park23 is a mall that will be built in 6981 m2 land. Mall Park23 needs a network that can support fast service, reliable, and efficient for cutomers (tenant). Therefore, PT. Telkom plan to hold fiber optic cable installation from STO until customers (tenant) that had known as FTTH that is using GPON technology for this design. Hopefully it has a great quality service and can support all activities. In this final project, the researcher did demand calculation for each service (triple play service) and the need of traffik based on customer type category. Followed by early step design of FTTH network using GPON by determining device, specification, and the number of used device. After that, followed by network configuration step. For design analysis result, it had been analyzed using Poer Link Budget and Rise Time Budget parameter. Based on the analysis of demand calculation in Park23, after doing comparison with standard bitrate for each service, results the amount is still under provided bitrate capacity standard. For traffik need, results 183.4 Mbps for “food and beverage” category. “Fashion and Lifestyle” category results 321.4 Mbps and “entertainment” category at 63.9 Mbps. Devices that been used in the design are 1 unit OLT, 2 pieces feeder cable, 1 unit ODC, pasive splitter (1:4) 9 pieces, and (1:8) 20 pieces, distribution cable 4 pieces, ODP device 10 unit, drop cable 103, ONT device 103 unit, 2016 pieces connector, and total connector as many as 485 pieces. Based on network analysis result that started from Kuta STO until customer with furthest distace 3,239 km, results some parameter which are: Power Link Budget calculation has total attentuation at the furthest distance that still within the ITU-T G.984 specified tolerance is in teh amount of 28 dB. For poer margin value, it results the value above 0 (zero). This matter indicates that the value meets power link budget eligibility. Rise Time Budget calculation results total time that is still under the maximum rise time value in the amount of 0.5833 ns and bit rate NRZ that had been specified as much as 0.2917 ns.

Keyword : FTTH, GPON, Power Link Budget, Rise Time Budget

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