Analysis of The Technique Installation Of Distributed Generation to Voltage Profile in Abang Feeder Karangasem



By : I Nyoman Cita Artawa

Email :

Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

One of the technique to improve the voltage drop is to the install the distributed generation. One of the distributed generation technologies in Bali is PLTS Kubu Karangasem which is a small scale electric generator that uses renewable energy, such as air, water, sun, geothermal, sea wave, ocean current, biomass and biogas to generate electrical energy. The electrical power that can be generated of 1 MW. Analysis using load flow analysis voltage profile, the voltage drop reached 13,23 % when not connected to DG whereas connected to DG 10,85 % of voltage drop found when it was not connected to DG. Installation of DG interconnection on feeder Abang managed to reduce power losses with the amount of 10,23 % from total power losses that happened before the installation of DG on feeder Abang.

Keyword : Distributed Generation, Voltage Profile, Power Losses, Load Flow Analysis, EDSA 2000

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