Architecture and Interior Design Centre in Denpasar



By : I Nyoman Adi Arimbawa

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Arsitektur

Architecture and Interior Design Centre in Denpasar is a multifunctional space that supports the development of architecture and interior design activities. The building serves as a place of cooperation between consumers, producers, and professionals in the field of designer or interior architecture and product developers with major facilities in the form of rental office space, meeting rooms and a speciality products trade and interior architecture. The building maintains ideal viewing distance from the main road in order to have an inviting impression. The building form adopts the concept of traditional Balinese architecture combined with other forms of dynamic, plus the use of glass and aluminum panels as accent of modern material so that the building appears attractive to visit.

Keyword : design center, architecture, interior, rental space

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