Academy of Film, Television and Animation in Denpasar



By : Gamaliel Sangga Buana

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Arsitektur

Theme is a pattern or an idea that has a specific feature, which is also functioned as the spirit of a design. Theme has a key role from the beginning to ending process of a project design. Theme is expected to emerge characteristic of the building and be able to be applied in every plan detail. The application of the theme can be seen through exterior and interior of the building or itís landscape. The theme being applied in The Academy of Film, Television and Animation in Denpasar considers both territorial regulation and the characteristic of the activity being accommodated. Which both considerations have opposite characteristic. The territorial regulation demand the building to maintain the characteristic of Balinese Traditional Architecture in buildings facade, whereas the characteristic of the activity is the dynamic and creativity of creative industry, which demand a dynamic and modern building. Based on these considerations, the theme being applied to the building is post modern architecture. Post modern architecture is the complex combination of traditional and modern architecture. Thus, the design of Academy will apply the theme that mix the dynamic of creative industry and the essence of the Balinese Traditional Architecture. Post Modern Architecture theme will be applied within the appearance of the building, which include the exterior facade and interior appearance of the building.

Keyword : Building appearance concept, Post-modern architecture

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