By : Ni Nyoman Trisna Febri Jayanti

Email : febrijayanti@ymail.com

Faculties : Fakultas Hukum

Department : S1 Ilmu Hukum

The status of children is an important thing that must be possessed by every child in a marriage, because this will be used to determine the legal rights and obligations of children and parent. However, if the annulment occurs within the marriage, then it will brought legal consequences to the children born by that marriage. Annulment of marriage is one way to end a marriage. Marriage that can be canceled is a marriage that does not meet the marriage requirements, as set forth in the normative law regulating marriage in Indonesia. This will affect the status of children due to the cancellation of the marriage of his parents. Because once a marriage has been canceled, then the marriage is consideredunprecedented. Annulment of marriage has been regulated specifically by the Law on marriage, but this study will focus more on the application of laws and regulations governing the annulment of marriage. This research uses empirical legal research that sees the law as a social phenomenon.This empirical legal study is supported by the interviews of the Denpasar District Court judges, and advocates. This study uses several approaches, that is the cases approach, the statute approach, and the fact approach.

Keyword : Keywords: Marriage Annulment, Legal Consequences, Status of Children

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