Relationship between brain and sexual orientation



By : Vinothini Krishnan

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


As for the conclusion, sexual orientation and brain are connected trough anatomical factor and brain dominance. However, the anatomy factor is still a theory and not yet to be proven. From the anterior commissure of the brain, there are findings that females and homosexual males exhibited a larger size than heterosexual males. However, later studies using larger sample sizes found no such differences. Differences in brain structures and brain functions have been found that are related to sexual orientation and gender but yet to be proven. In summary, sex begins in the brain. Because of brain dominance, most of us view life from either a masculine or a feminine perspective, depending on which brain hemisphere is dominant and has default control over the information flowing to consciousness. This creates four fundamental sexual orientations: left-brain-dominant males (heterosexual men); right-brain-dominant males (gay men); right-brain-dominant females (heterosexual women); and left-brain-dominant females (lesbians). However, because the non-dominant hemisphere also contributes to consciousness to some degree, each of us experiences a unique synthesis of the two perspectives rather than just one. The result is a wide range of variation in sexuality. This is normal. This is healthy. This is beautiful.

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