Prevalence of Patient with Positive VIA trough See and Treat Methode in Tabanan III Public Health Centre at Tabanan Regency period from January to June 2014



By : Riski Ratnashinta Yustitia

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Background: The incidence of precancerous lesions estimated eight times the number of cervical cancer, that is 184 / 100,000. If precancerous lesions are not dealt properly it will develop into cancer. These precancerous lesions can be detected by visual inspection method acetic acid (VIA). For the early detection coverage IVA and cryotherapy needs to be improved by work hard, smart, and innovative along the whole society. This aims to determine the prevalence of patients with positive VIA through VIA see and treat method in the Tabanan III health center District Tabanan during January-June 2014.Methods: This study is a descriptive study using secondary data/ blank from screening VIA, data is presented in tabular form. The study was conducted on 123 medical records/ blank VIA screening patients in Tabanan III Health Center in January-June 2014 with 22 exclusion blank samples so that the samples met the inclusion criteria were 101 blank.Results: Positive VIA patients is 10.9% and 89.1% negative IVA. Of the 11 patients with positive VIA 100% of these patients continued action cryotherapy. Frequency of Positive IVA patients is highest in the age group 36-45 years (54.5% ) and as much as 90.9% of patients positive IVA occur in women who married the first time in the age group 17-25 years, 54.5% patients taking oral contraceptives and the rest are not.Conclusion: The prevalence of positive IVA patients at the Tabanan III health center is relatively high so that needs to be disseminated about the IVA screening and cryotherapy in order to increase public awareness in the prevention of precancerous lesions and cervical cancer and precancerous lesions reduce the number of incidents and cervical cancer.

Keyword : Keywords: pre-cancerous lesions, Positive VIA, cryotherapy

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