The Characteristic of Diarrhea in Children Under Five In The District of Tabanan In 2013



By : I Made Aditya Darmika

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Diarrhea is a disease characterized by changes in the shape and consistency of a mushy stool until melted and increased frequency of bowel movements more than usual, which is 3 times or more a day which may be accompanied by vomiting or bloody stools. Diarrhea can be caused by several factors, such as infection, malabsorption (impaired absorption of nutrients), food and psychological factors until now diarrheal disease remains a major public health problem in developing countries such as Indonesia. This study aimed to describe the demographic characteristics (age, gender, and place of residence) and non-demographic (time, nutritional status) with diarrhea in infants in the district of Tabanan in 2013. The method of this study was observational-retrospective descriptive study, a total sampling technique by using secondary data recorded under five patients with a diagnosis of diarrhea on the card status (medical records) and books and registers in accordance with the inclusion criteria, which came into the ER and general clinic Center Public Health (PHC) in the district of Tabanan (Puskesmas Tabanan I, II, and III) in the month of January to December in 2013. Of the 264 samples of patients under five with diarrhea, obtained 67.80% ? 24 months of age group and 32.20% age group 25-59 months. There are 56.44% male and 43.56% female. For nutritional status obtained 89.01% good nutrition, malnutrition 5.68%, 4.55% more nutrients, and 0.76% severe malnutrition. Based on residence, most patients with diarrhea toddler proportion residing in Puskesmas Tabanan II which is equal to (46.21%), Puskesmas Tabanan I (19.32%), Puskesmas Tabanan III (30.68%) and the outside of the districts Tabanan (3.79%) and the most number of cases found in april of 35 children (13.25%). It can be concluded that the cases of diarrhea in children under five in the district of Tabanan in 2013 has the characteristic features vary for each variable under study. The results of this study can be used as a basis for further research to cases of diarrhea in infants.

Keyword : diarrhea, toddler, characteristics, secondary data

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