Overview of Sperm Analysis In Invitro Fertilization Clinic Sanglah General Hospital In 2013



By : Cokorda Bagus Nurparma Putra

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Myth that only women that can be infertile still exist in indonesia society. It must be corected because actually it able happen to both men and women. To determine the contribution of men in cases of infertility can use the sperm analysis because it provide us to know the disturbance on the sperm. By knowing the profile of sperm analysis, we can overcome the myth that blame women. This study was conducted to know the profile of sperm analysis on men. This study was done in 2 steps; 1) Taking samples that is the result of sperm analysis in IVF clinic Sanglah 2013, 2) statistical calculation with SPSS. The samples were taken with total sampling method. The samples were taken from all men who do a sperm analysis in IVF clinic Sanglah 2013. The number of men who do sperm analysis is 2456 men and 1932 man were included in the inclusion criteria. The result of this study, there is 1904 (98,7%) man who have sperm disorder and 28 (1,3%) have normal sperm/normospermia. The incidence of primary infertility (69,9%) more than secondary infertile (30,1%) and the most experienced abnormalities are oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (49,8%). The most ages doing sperm analysis is in range 32-38 years (41,4%). In this study also check the abnormalities that occur in macroscopic and microscopic examination.

Keyword : Sperm analysis, sperm, Sanglah Hospital.

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