The Prevalence Of Insomnia Disorder That Experienced Gadget Dependence On Students Faculty Of Medicine Udayana University



By : I Dewa Gede Surya Mahardika Badung

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Insomnia disorder interruptions due to being unable to afford need sleep , both in quality and quantity .The study is done to know prevalence of insomnia in adolescents or students udayana university the faculty of medicine that experienced dependence on gadgets This study using design descriptive cross-sectional to obtain a general overview of students there are which have been affected insomnia with gadgets dependence. Research sample areas are adolescent who performs education in Udayana University Faculty of Medicine by the span of age 19-23 years. The sample collection data was undertaken using a questionnaire consecutive using a technique of sampling .Furthermore, the data to be processed to obtain prevalence of disorder insomnia who then grouped based on the status of dependence gadgets , sex , the status of relations and the purpose of using gadgets. Of the 140 samples examined obtained the proportion of insomnia by the interdependence gadgets of 8,6 % in groups based on the purpose of using a seeking for information, for entertainment and social networking obtained the proportion of insomnia with dependence on each of a group is 8,33 %, 8,33 %, and 83,33 %. In research is also obtained proportion on the basis of the male sex 66,67 % and female 33,33 %. Based on the status of relations in pairs and single is 58,3 % and 41,67 %. From this study we can conclude that the prevalence of adolescents udayana university faculty of medicine by the interdependence gadgets which have been affected is 8.6 % insomnia .The results of research is expected can be used as a basis for further research to seek risk factors disorder insomnia.

Keyword : prevalence insomnia disorder, gadgets dependence, the purpose of using gadgets

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