Prevalence of Mentrual Disorder and Associated Factor Which Affected National Exam Participant Students in High School 1 Melaya, Jembrana



By : Ni Kadek Diah Satya Sai Shita

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Menstrual disorders are one of the most common concerns in gynecology problems because it is frequently affect the quality of life of adolescents and teenager, besides it also can be used as the indicators of serious underlying problems. Therefore, important to determine the prevalence of menstrual disorders and related factors. The study use observational descriptive cross sectional method and carried out on 70 female students from 12th grade of senior high school 1 Melaya, Jembrana. Data were collected using a self-completion questionnaire by respondents. Data were analyzed using the computer and showed to text and table. The results showed that the number of students who experience menstrual disorders was 63 (90.0%) with the most menstrual disorders are dysmenorrhea 80.0% and followed by PMS 70.0%. The average age of respondent was 17.5 years old with the majority menstrual disorders at age 18 years old (45.7%). Most of the respondents had experienced menarche at the age 11-14 years old (87.1%) and 64.3% of them had normal nutrional status (64.3%), sedentary physical activity (64.3%), and controlled stress levels (52.9%). It is found that there is no significant relationship between nutrional status, physical activity, stress levels, age of menarche and age of respondent with menstrual disorders.

Keyword : menstrual disorders, high school students, stress levels

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