Description of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among The Tailor in Denpasar City



By : I Kadek Herry Dwipayana

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Musculoskeletal disorders is one of the common problems experienced tailors in the work. Musculoskeletal disorders occur when the presence of fatigue and exhaustion continuously which can lead to a decrease in work capacity and endurance which is characterized by the loss of the will to work, resulting in accidents. This study aims to describe musculoskeletal disorders at the tailor in the Denpasar city. This study was a descriptive cross sectional study, the number of respondents are 60 people in the Denpasar city, tailor requested to fill out a Nordic Body Map questionnaire. Then the results displayed through tables and diagrams. The results obtained six largest musculoskeletal disorders experienced at the tailors in Denpasar city which, backs 47 people (78.3%), waist 44 people (73.3%), top of neck 38 people (63.3%), right shoulder and lower buttocks 36 persons (60.0%), upper buttocks 35 people (58.3%), lower neck and right calf 33 people (55.0%). This is because of the tailor posture more sitting at the sewing machine. Researchers suggested that tailors sit at upright body position and leaning on the back of the chair. And stretch the muscles after 30-60 minutes of work to reduce pain.

Keyword : Musculoskeletal disorders, work posture, tailor

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