Backpain Prevalence Among Elementary School Children that Used Backpack in Negara, Jembrana Regency



By : Putu Andrie Setiawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Back pain is multifactorial pain and the most pain suffered among industrial worker. Elementary school students have more risk to feel back pain because they are used to using backpack more than 10% of their weight (relative mass). The aim of this study is to know how many elementary school students in Negara, Regency of Jembrana who were suffering back pain because of their habit of using backpack. This study used descriptive cross-sectional method (prevalence study) with elementary school students in Negara, as the subject, by measuring weight, backpack weight and back pain score from questionnaire. From this study we know that as many as 77.4% elementary school students in Negara are suffering from back pain at three categories, while as many as 22.6% are not suffering back pain. From this study we conclude that in average elementary school students in Negara using backpack at normal limit. That is 9.3% from their body weight. However, we need to highlight that there are school students who use backpack until 27% of their weight. From the data below, 112 (39%) subject using backpack more than 10% body weight. From that 112 subject, 75.9% suffering back pain in three categories.

Keyword : Backpain, Backpack, Relative Mass

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