The Relationship Between Soil Transmitted Helminth (STH) Infection With Student Performances in School at SD Negeri 2 Seraya Timur



By : I Gusti Ayu Made Dewi Tusiantari

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


This research is an analytic-observational that use cross-sectional approach. The purposes of this research is to understand the impact of soil transmitted helminthes towards the child performances in school. The primary data which is the child feces sample are gathered in the Parasitology lab of Unud Medical Faculty Department using the Kato-Katz method. The secondary is collected from the data of the child performances within its school grading reports in 2013/2014. The data of this research are tested using Chi-square analysis. On 70 feces samples used in this research, there are 8 children identified to be infected by STH. Among them (16.7%) are having a low performances in school and the other (5.9%) are the children whom have good performances in school. And than there are 62 children identified to be uninfected by STH. Among them (94.1%) are having a good performances in school and the other (83.3%) are the children whom have low performances in school. The test Chi-Square show the p value = 0.149 (p value > 0.05). From those results, it can be concluded that there is no relationship between infected STH worm diseases with the child performances in school especially in SD Negeri 2 Seraya Timur.

Keyword : soil transmitted helminth, child school performances, elementary school

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