Musculosceletal Disorders at Growers of Ornamental Plants in Nursery Stage at PEtiga Semingan Village Marga Sub-District Tabanan Regency Bali



By : I Putu Gede Agus Suryatama Dharmadi

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Musculoskeletal disorders is a condition in the muscles at the human body which get excess pressure that will cause interference which is manifested by pain in certain body parts. Musculoskeletal disorders can be caused by many things, such as wrong working attitude and workplace that are not appropriate with human body. Load tasks performed is one of the causes of the musculoskeletal disorders. This study aims to determine the mean and the prevalence of musculoskeletal complaints as a result of sitting work position at seeding process experienced by growers of ornamental plant in the Petiga Semingan village. The design of this study was non-experimental, which is a descriptive study. The data collected will be described in the narrative and presented in graphical form or table. Determination of musculoskeletal complaints obtained from the Nordic Body Map questionnaire where in if the figures for more than 28 then said respondents experienced musculoskeletal complaints. From research conducted showed a mean musculoskeletal disorders experienced by growers of ornamental plants is 45.97143 with a maximum score obtained is 86 and the minimum 29. Standard deviation obtained is 14.6478. So it can be concluded that musculoskeletal disorders of the growers of ornamental plants in the traditional village Petiga Semingan are high, so we need some intervention to decrease the musculoskeletal disorders.

Keyword : Growers of Ornamental Plants, Musculosceletal Disorders, Nursery State

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