Description of Complete Blood Count Results on Patients Suspected of Dengue Virus Infection that Do Examination in Laboratory of Surya Husadha Denpasar Hospital in February-July 2014



By : Ni Luh Putu Pranena Sastri

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Investigations for diagnosis of dengue virus infection one with complete blood count. This study to determine the distribution of patients suspect dengue virus infection by age group and gender, and also knowing the description of complete blood count results. Study design is cross-sectional descriptive, using the entire data of complete blood count from patients suspected of dengue virus infection in laboratory of Surya Husadha Denpasar Hospital in February-July 2014. From 424 samples were obtained 222 (52.4%) male and 202 (47.5%) female. There are 47 (11.1%) aged 0-5 years, 85 (20%) aged 6-11 years, 116 (27.4%) aged 12-25 years, 122 (28.5%) aged 26-45 years, 40 (9.4%) aged 46-65 years and 14 (3.3%) aged >65 years. Results of complete blood count showed all variabels have a value that is not normal either decreases or increases and number of samples varies. Some variabels complete blood count with most samples at not normal value are platelet (decrease, 79.2%), count and percentage of neutrophil (decrease, 70.3% and 70%), count of eosinophil (increase, 42.7%) and count of basophil (increase, 52.6%). In this study found that samples of suspected dengue virus infection patients mostly at aged 26-45 years and male sex. This study need further research in patients with dengue virus infection to see if there is a change from day to day during patients in hospital and relationship with the grade of disease.

Keyword : complete blood count, suspect, infection, dengue virus

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