Prevalence of Elevated Blood Pressure in Relation to Obesity Among School Aged Children in Bandung, West Java



By : Irene Nadia

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Obesity and hypertension has been known for age. The increased prevalence has been noted in developed country and also in developing country. Children hypertension itself has not been a current issue and less concern is put in by medical practitioners. As a developing country aged, some emendation, economically and in technology advances, has been reached thus participate in the prevalence of hypertension in children. Presentation of the prevalence of hypertension among school aged children and the tendency to obesity would be the outcome. This sample would are devided into four blood pressure group; normotension, prehypertension, hypertension stage I, and hypertension stage II. By this presentation of hypertension in school aged obese children may be a step of effort to reduce the prevalence of obesity and hypertension later, especially in Bandung. By crossectional descriptive research with consecutive sampling technique, after inclusion and exclusion, samples were met by 67 samples, with the total of 113 participants whose parents agreed to include their children in this study. From 67 samples, mean age was 9.04 years, mean height for age percentile was 63.36, and 48 (71.6%) out of 67 samples are male. The statistical analysis used to evaluate hypertension data show result of 10.4% samples who met stage one hypertension criteria and 1.5 % samples who met pre-hypertension criteria. All of samples who met hypertension category are male. It was concluded that this prevalence is lower than other research result data in Manado that is 22.5% and in Canada that is 19.5%. These differences may be due to difference between geographical culture and habits.

Keyword : Obesity, blood pressure, hypertension, child, epidemiology.

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