Relationship Of Blood Group To The Increasing Degree Severity Of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever On Children In Sanglah Hospital



By : Pande Putu Firsta Widyaning

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Dengue has become one of the major health problems in the world because the high incidence rate despite the death rate which has declined over the year . But, the mortality rate can be increased if it is not treated well so that the patient falls into the severe degree of dengue shock . There are several factors that can aggravate the severity of DHF . One of them is blood type . This study aimed to determine the relationship of the blood group in increasing the severity degree of dengue and to find out the relationship of each blood type on the degree severity of DHF . cross sectional study with a total sampling was performed in children between 0 to 12 years who suffer from DHF grade I to IV according to WHO criteria . Blood type is tested using the slide test . Correlations were calculated using the chi square test . the results of the analysis showed that the blood type associated with increasing degree severity of DHF ( CI 95 % > 7,814 p = 0.026 ) . Based on the calculation of odds ratios, obtained the effect of each blood : blood type A OR=0,31348 CI 95% 0,1-1,5), B (OR=0,308642 CI 95% 0,1-1,2), O (OR=4,854369 CI 95% 1,4-7,4) dan AB (OR=0,694444 CI 95% 0,1-4,5).. The conclusion there is a relationship between blood type with increasing the degree severity of DHF , and blood type O has the greatest influence compared to the three other blood type

Keyword : The severity of dengue fever , blood type

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