Characteristic of Hypertension Patients Who are Hospitalized in General Hospital Sanglah Year 2013



By : I Gede Restu Mahendra Sugiarta

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Hypertension is a disease that referred as the silent killer because initially no symptoms appeared. Based on preliminary survey in Sanglah Hospital on 2014, recorded 44 patients suffering hypertension in the patient room B, C, and D on 2013. This study is purpose to investigate the characteristics of hypertension patients that include the proportion of patients with hypertension (based on age, gender, chief complaint, degree of hypertension, complications, and circumstances out) and the average long treatment of hypertensive patients. This research is a descriptive study with method observational study survey. The research was conducted in medical record installation of Sanglah Hospital on April 2014 until July 2014, with the data used is secondary data that obtained from the patient's medical record in Sanglah Hospital. Samples are include 44 people from the patient room B, C, and D in Sanglah Hospital that use time-series data and total sampling from premilinary study in Sanglah Hospital on 2014. Distribution proportion of patients with hypertension is highest at age 45 s / d 64 years (63.6%), by sex found is males (56.8%), based on the chief complaint is headache (34.1 %), based on degree of hypertension is Stage 3 Hypertension (63.6%), based on the complications is without complications (52.3%), and based on the circumstances out is improved (100%). Average long treatment of hypertensive patients was 7.52 days.

Keyword : Hypertension, Characteristics, Proportion.

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