Incidence, Characteristic and Management of Out-patient with Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Indera Hospital Denpasar Period January - July 2014



By : Pratama Yulius Prabowo

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Allergic contact dermatitis (AKD) is a common disease. Until now there has been no research done to find out the incidence, characteristics, and management of AKD in Denpasar. This study was done to determine incidence, characteristic and management of outpatients with AKD in Indera Hospital Denpasar period January to July 2014. This study is a descriptive, the data is retrospective which taken through cross-sectional and performed at the Indera Hospital Denpasar Bali in August 2014 . The result showed that the incidence of allergic contact dermatitis in January - July 2014 is 106 cases, 71 cases were patients with female sex (66.98%), 93 cases were patients with productive age (87.74%) and 24 cases were in the range aged of 41-50 years (22.64%). While the location of most symptoms are hand, with 57 cases (53.77%). The most frequent complaint is itchy (102 cases; 96.23%). The most effloresensi found is erythema, which was found in 80 cases (75.47%). Management of AKD commonly used topical preparations containing corticosteroids (105 cases; 99.06%) and oral anti-histamine (100 cases; 94.34%).

Keyword : Allergic Contact Dermatitis; Incidence; Characteristic; Management

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