Perubahan Fungsi Beberapa Sarkofagus di Desa Mengani, Kecamatan Kintamani dan Desa Pakraman Cekeng, Desa Sulahan, Kecamatan Susut, Kabupaten Bangli




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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Arkeologi

Sarcophagus is one of funeral traditions came from Stone Age, which is a phase of human life that viewed to be equal with urbanization era in Europe and Middle East. The funeral tradition in sarcophagus was not being performed again at the time the elements of Hinduism and Buddhism grew in Bali. Recently in some regions in Bangli that is Mengani Village and Cekeng Pakraman Village, the sarcophagus is placed in a sacred area of pura (Hindu temple). This research has purpose to find out the form of function change, the cause of the change, and the meaning of the change to recent people. This research uses some data collection methods, data analysis, and theories to reveal the research problems. Methods used in this research include the stage of data collection, which are the observation, interview, and literature study. The next stage is the data processing by qualitative analysis, ethno- archeology analysis, and comparative analysis. Theories used to help in completing this research problems are the genealogy theory and the post prosesual theory. The continuity of animism and dynamism belief at the time Hindu and Buddha religion came to Bali made the belief was getting stronger that an object has a power. Based on the beliefs made the sarcophagus which previously has function as a grave container, in recent time is functioned as a sacred object that is placed at the sacred area that is pura, and as a medium for worship for beseech for safety, health, prosperity, and fertility. The causes of its functionís change are as the following (a) religion, (b) renewal and innovation which always exist (always change along with time), and (c) the process of learning of the culture itself. The presence of the function change form of some sarcophaguses cause to emerge some meaning, those are the spiritual meaning, bad luck repellent meaning, fertility meaning, and education meaning.

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