Sociological Aspects Geguritan Jayaprana



By : Ketut Suantara

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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Sastra Bali

This research titled "Sociological Aspects Geguritan Jayaprana". This research uses a structural theory put forward by Teeuw, Jan Van Luxemburg, and Nurgiyantoro literary and sociological theory advanced by sapardi djoko damono, Wellek and Warren. The method used in the phase of the provision of data using are refer method and techniques reading. Also using interviews method with recording techniques and record the important things were obtained from interviews. Furthermore, in the stage of data analysis using qualitative method with descriptive analytic techniques. At the stage of data analysis, the method used is the method of formal and informal assisted by deductive and induktik techniques. Disclosures concerning the structure Geguritan Jayaprana about forma structure that includes: a code language and literature, and language style. Analysis of the narrative structure Geguritan Jayaprana will be conducted in six aspects, namely the incident, plot (plot), character and characterization, setting, theme, and mandate. Aspects of Sociological Geguritan Jayaprana which includes: (1) the religious system, (2) social system, (3) the knowledge system, (4) economic system, (5) technology system architecture traditional Bali, (6) the language system, (7) art systems, and (8) the geographical and topological. Jayaprana story and the link with public confidence Kalianget village.

Keyword : geguritan, structural, sociological aspects, and beliefs

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