By : Ni Putu Evi Wijayanti, SE

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Faculties : Fakultas Pariwisata

Department : S2 Kajian Pariwisata

This research discusses the perception of domestic travelers to service quality white water rafting on the Ayung River, Bali and has the aim to determine the perception of domestic travelers to: Firstly, the quality of services of white water rafting trip on the Ayung River, second, to determine which dimensions of the quality of service that need to take main handling priority in accordance with the level of important service of white water rafting company’s working performance toward the quality service of rafting at Ayung River and the third, is to know the efforts are needed to improve the quality of service of white water rafting trip for domestic tourist at Ayung River. This research uses the concept of the quality of service with five principle dimensions, namely: Direct evidence (tangibles), Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy. Location of the research is tourist destination area of the Ayung River, that lies between the boundary of Badung Regency at Western part and Gianyar Regency eastern side. There are three teen of rafting companies located on the Ayung river. This research took 100 respondents who were selected as a sample by using purposive sampling method. Data were collected through a questionnaires distributed to domestic tourists then tabulated using the weighting scale (Likert scale) and analyzed using analysis of the benefit performance (important performance analysis) in the form of Cartesian diagram. The results of the research are translated into three points: first, there are 23 indicators assessed by the service aspect of domestic tourists where the highest value is the aspect of familiarity between the tourist and employees with points (0.29) and the lowest score is the aspect of the clarity of the Ayung River water discharge value (-0.35) this shows that the indicator has not been fully able to meet the expectations of service aspects of the rating, secondly, the dimensions of service quality that requires serious attention is the dimension of physical evidence (tangibles), and the third point is the efforts that needs to be done adapted to the results of the Cartesian diagram which breaks down into four quadrants. Based on the results of the research suggested to the manager of the rafting tour in order to continuously improve the quality of service to consumers, performing new innovations in terms of product variety, provide insight and training to its workforce to increase their competence, especially in the field of excellent service so that the satisfaction rating can be achieved.

Keyword : Perception, Quality of Service, Tourist Satisfaction and Rafting.

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