Cartoon Visualization As Social Representation In Bog-Bog Bali Cartoon Magazine 2011/2012 Edition



By : Drs. I Wayan Swandi, M.Si.

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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S3 Kajian Budaya

ABSTRACT As a social representation, Bog-Bog cartoon reflected the culture and everyday life. It raised local issues as well as the task of voicing idealism and expectations of Balinese in to the world through messaging and social criticism. Therefore, this study helped elucidate the problems of forms, ideology and meaning of Bog-Bog cartoon as a social representation. The focus of this study was to explain the values of Balinese culture which have been struggling among of global forces through cartoon Bog-Bog and its social construction. For that, researcher had formulated some research problems as follows: 1) How the forms of cartoon as a social representation in Bog-Bog- Bali Cartoon Magazine 2011/2012 edition?; 2) What is the ideology in the cartoon as a social representation in Bog-Bog Bali Cartoon Magazine 2011/2012 edition and 3) What meanings were reflected in the cartoons as social representation in Bog-Bog Bali Cartoon Magazine 2011/2012 edition? The study constituted qualitative research. The primary data of this study obtained from the pictures of Bog-Bog cartoon 2011/2012 edition as well as the transcript of the interview. Secondary data were various relevan information from different sources or literatures such as scientific journals, magazines, research reports and other book references. Data were analyzed with the postmodern aesthetic theory, ideology theory and deconstruction theory. The results showed that: 1) Visual appearance of Bog-Bog cartoon indicated the influence of postmodernism; and 2) Emphasizingof parody as humor element. Ideologies revealed in this study included: 1) Globalization media ideology; 2) Multiculturalism; 3) Critical ideology and developmentalism; and 4) Aestheticism. Meanings of Bog-Bog cartoon as social representation among other things were: 1) Aesthetics of postmodernism meaning; 2) Tourism economy meaning; and 3) Visual communication, politic of identity and globalization meaning.

Keyword : Cartoon, Social Representation, Bog-Bog Cartoon Bali Magazine, Posrmodernism.

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