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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

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ORAL TRADITION OF BAKAYAT RELIGIOUS VALUES ARTICULATION AND SOCIAL DISCOURSE SASAK COMMUNITY IN LOMBOK This study investigates the oral tradition text of bakayat of the Sasak community in Lombok. The tradition is a complement to traditional and religious rituals which are still alive and thriving today in the Sasak Islamic community of waktu lima. The development of advanced technology, global culture, as well as the arrival of various ideologies or introduction of Islam to Lombok resulted in the preservation of this tradition becomes endangered and are not interesting anymore for most of Sasak ethnic especially for the younger generation. The above condition is to be one of the backgrounds of conducting this study, considering the tradition has not been studied by anyone in depth up to the time being. This study focused on studying the structure, the articulation of the religious value and social discourse, function and meaning of the bakayat text of the Sasak community. This research made use of descriptive analytical method, where data is analyzed qualitatively. The theory used in this research is the theory of discourse, articulation theory, the theory of functions, and semiotic theory. The results of this study can be described as follows; discourse of bakayat text is an oral articulation of written text in literary style using the narrative structure characteristics. The structure of the bakayat text was viewed from its narrative, rhythm, and style of storytelling. The narration in the bakayat text consists of episodes, where the episodes are selected based on the ritual purposes and the desires of responders. The rhythm of the narrative describes the mood conveyed by the strains of the song rhythm according to the storyline. Story telling using song rhythms of bakayat and pesasakan followed by nyarup and cerek. In storytelling style, The story teller acts to represent the characters and becomes the narrator (implied author) depicting events of cultural backgrounds of the Sasak community. Articulation bakayat text of Sasak is a new form of getting meanings. The articulation of religious values and social discourse of bakayat KNY consists of, oral process of the text using typical Sasak song; translation accompanied with interpretation or review as an articulation of meaning in Sasak language. Each performance is a new meaning to the text, those are dominant meaning, negotiations, ambiguity, and rejection. Bakayat in carrying out the manifest and latent functions, apparently it has shifted its function. The manifest function of Sasak bakayat is a media propaganda function, while latent functions include the functions of media education, social, economic, and customs. The shift of function are the entertainment media that describe the function of social identity, local knowledge, and competitions. Based on the cultural and social context bakayat implies religious, historical, political, aesthetic, and social values.

Keyword : text, oral traditions, articulation, bakayat, Sasak community.

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