By : Putu Agus Indra Purnama

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

The development of distribution in Bali is very rapid, from year to year continue to increase. Until now, according to Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the number of FO (fashion outlet) and distribution (distribution store) spread in Bali area is estimated to reach more than 300 units. Hanaka concept store is a company engaged in the field of fashion in Bali, to form different marketing techniques and attract consumers, in order to increase sales at Hanaka Concept Store. In the background that has been described, obtained a problem formulation that is "How to design and build Mobile Applications Product Sales At Hanaka Concept Store With Gamification Features?". The goal in this engineering is to build "Mobile Product Sales Application At Hanaka Concept Store with Gamification Feature" The system can perform mobile data management and online based mobile products and added methods to improve marketing called gamification, to solve the problems at Many areas especially marketing. An interesting point in gamification is the combination of problem solving methods and active user engagement. The benefits gained from this engineering are providing information about Hanaka Concept Store products, and improving marketing at Hanaka Concept Store. With this gamification feature can provide information about Hanaka Concept Store products and improve marketing on Hanaka Concept Store and increase the loyalty of buyers by applying gamification feature on the system.

Keyword : Aplication Mobile, Fashion, Gamification, Marketing Information System

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