Estimated Discharge of Laugunung Hydro Power Plant Penstock Pipe, Dairi District, North Sumatra Province



By : Mahfudh Ariansyah

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Sipil

Lau Gunung Hydro Power Plant is located at Lau Gunung River which is located in Pamah Dusun Lau Gunung Village, Tanah Pinem Subdistrict, Dairi Distrit, North Sumatera Province. Geographically Dairi Regency is located at 02 15 '- 03 00' LU and 98 00 '98 30' BT. The Lau Gunung Hydropower Plant is planned as a power plant development project with a development that generates electrical energy by utilizing resources Water of the Lau Gunung river basin. Based on the spatial analysis of the slope that has been done, the area of ??the Lau Gunung River Basin (DAS) is 519.34 km2 Feasibility Study & Detail Design of Lau Gunung Plant (2015). Penstock pipe is a press pipe used to drain water from a tranquilizer or directly from the retrieval building to the turbine. The penstock function is designed to be able to withstand the pressure of the water hammer caused by the turbine valve closing unexpectedly. From the calculation results, it is found that the larger the diameter of the pipe, the greater the investment cost and the annual cost. The energy lost is strongly influenced by diameter, with a small diameter then the cost of the lost energy will be greater To obtain optimal scale in hydropower development, estimation of generator discharge and generating unit is needed to obtain the most economical hydropower. The debit and the estimation results used as the basis for the Lau Gunung hydropower planning is a debit with 85% probability with 8.15 m3 / s discharge. The dimensions of the penstock pipe produced based on the estimated discharge in the Lau Gunung power plant are the diameters of the combination of 1,900 m, 1,600 m and 1,500 m with the length of each pipe being 856.55 m, 973.35 m and 885.09 m, in addition to the power and annual energy generated based on the estimated discharge And the Lau Gunung hydropower penstock pipe is 9,613.88 Kw and 84,217,605.02 Kwh with a probability of 85% discharge of 9.69 m3 / s.

Keyword : Hydro Power Plant, discharge, Probability, Energy, Annual Energy, Unit Cost

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