Marketing Mix Strategy of PT. Citilink Indonesia in Bali to Increase Ticket Sales of Denpasar Bandung Route



By : Fredika Yuni Afianto

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Faculties : Fakultas Pariwisata

Department : S1 Industri Perjalanan Wisata

This research is based on the lags of PT Citilink Indonesia especially on Denpasar Bandung route in the number of passengers using their product and services if compared to other Airlines. The aim of this research is to formulate new marketing strategies to increase the selling a route of PT. Citilink Indonesia which is Denpasar-Bandung by using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from internal and external factors. Data analysis technique used in this research is quantitative descriptive correlated with 7 P marketing mix and SWOT analysis. Technique data collection used is the distribution of questionnaires to 140 respondents who had used the Bandung-Denpasar flight route Citilink Indonesia and 30 respondents from academics, students master of tourism and staff of PT. Citilink Indonesia District Denpasar. The results of this study is to indicate several indicators of weakness and strength of the internal factors, there are 9 indicators of strength and 5 indicators of weakness. While from external factor which found in this research they are 4 indicator of opportunity and 6 indicator which become threats for PT Citilink Indonesia to market a route of Denpasar - Bandung. Alternative marketing strategies that can be suggested and applied to PT Citilink Indonesia especially to increase the selling a route of Denpasar Bandung are; improve distribution channel strategy, human resource improvement strategy, market share expansion strategy and strategy adjustments of prices and service improvement

Keyword : Keywords : Marketing Mix, marketing strategy, sales increase, ticket

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