The effect of Brand Image and Perceived service quality to Purchasie decision at Online Travel Agent Airasia Go



By : Ni Kadek Ayu Marini Sarasdiyanthi

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Faculties : Fakultas Pariwisata

Department : S1 Industri Perjalanan Wisata

One of the companies travel agents based online is Airasia Go, which has been well known in attracting and retaining the image that has been formed for tourists, seeking in form brand image and perceived quality are good, so the view or perception of tourist to the online travel agent Airasia Go can give a positive impression and attached in their memories. This study aims to investigate the influence of brand image and perceived quality of the tourist decision in purchasing products in online travel agent Airasia Go. This study using purposive sampling technique where the criteria are tourist who have made a purchase at Airasia Go products as many 110 respondents.Data method analyzed used double reggression analysis technique, double correlation, analysis of determination, t-test and f-test with significant level of 5 percent assisted by using data processing program spss (Statistical Package for Social Science ) 16 for windows. The research found that brand image and perceived quality to purchasing decision have positive and significant in partial that is ttest (6,261) > ttable (1,659) for brand image variable and ttest (5,685) > ttable (1,659) for perceived quality variable and the more influence on purchase decisions is the brand image variable (X1) because i thas t-test result are greater than the t-test result of perceived quality variable (X2). When viewed simultaneously, then the brand image (X1) and perceived quality (X2) positive and significant impact on purchasing decisions (Y) for the F-count is greater than the F-table. In addition it is known if the if the brand image (X1) and perceived quality (X2) has an influence on purchasing decision (Y) of 69%.

Keyword : Brand Image, Perceived Service Quality, Purchase Decision.

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