The relation of people and travelers in tourism at Umalas Kerobokan Kelod village North Kuta District Regency of Badung



By : Swandita Dyah Murvianti

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Faculties : Fakultas Pariwisata

Department : S1 Destinasi Pariwisata

This study aimed to describe the relation of local people and travelers tourism in Umalas. Their accommodation such as villas and hotels make tourists can stay while in Umalas. In addition, the existing conditions or the environment in Umalas is also an attraction for travelers to choose Umalas as his temporary residence. Travelers who choose to stay while in Umalas will meet with local people and start an interaction of both. Once an interaction appeared, the local community will provide a response to the impact of tourism they feel. Existing conditions will be described by the following attraction 4A namely, accessibility, amenities and ancilliary. Interactions between local people and tourists in the description of three aspects: economic, social, cultural and use irridex theory to study the response of the local community. Social and cultural impact in Umalas described by Figuerola and were divided into three categories, namely the impact on the demographic structure, the impact on the shape and type of impact on the livelihoods and traditional lifestyles. Resource persons drawn from some people who are considered capable and understand conditions such as Kelian Dinas Umalas, local communities, young woman. It would also require some tourists who stay while in Umalas as other sources. All data collected by observation, interview and documentation. The results showed that Umalas has a tourist attraction to draw tourists stay while their accommodation and facilities as well as supporting tourism. Interactions between local people and travelers interwoven very well. It can be seen from the response of the people who are used to interact with travelers. Likewise, travelers were very happy to talk with the local people because of the interaction of travelers can learn the culture of the local community in Umalas. Social and cultural impacts arising from tourism are local people can learn the language of travelers and get information about the country of origin of travelers. However, it will be negative if the travelers finally bring bad influence for local people in Umalas. Tourism provides employment and lives to the local in Umalas. Although people in Umalas still maintain customs and culture, but some young people began to be affected by the travelerís culture.

Keyword : Relationships, Local Communities Umalas, Travelers

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