Implementation of Algorithms RC6 and RSA key exchange for Android-based Chat Application Security



By : Anneke Puspita Dewi

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Ilmu Komputer

Message security is a very important requirement in this era of communication such as the current developments, especially in the realtime message, that is, a chatting message. Chatting messages in forms such as text, documents, and images raises concerns about the security of the messages sent, especially when the message is a secret message. The authenticity of the message needs to be protected. To secure the message in order to remain secure and confidential uses a security method that is cryptography. Cryptography is the science and art to maintain the confidentiality of messages by encrypting in a form that cannot be understood. Chatting messages will be secured using the cryptographic techniques. This study makes a chat application that runs on the android-based smartphone with RC6 algorithms to secure message and RSA for key exchange messages. The results of tests performed on this chat application can be applied to the android devices without changing the content of the message. Every process of chatting does not require a long time so it is suitable for real-time message delivery where to send text messages only takes 0 to 1 ms. Testing avalanche effect that apply to the RC6 algorithm produces an average of 48.9% for the avalanche effect with key test, 47.5% for avalanche effect test with the plaintext, and the effect avalanche test of RSA produces an average of 45%. It can be concluded that the RC6 algorithm and RSA algorithm are safe for use in securing messages because it has met the minimum criteria of the avalanche effect, namely 45%

Keyword : chatting, android, cryptography, RC6, RSA, avalanche effect

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