Effect Of Juwet Fruits (Syzygium cumini L.) Extract on the quality of spermatozoa of male rats (Rattus sp.) have been exposed to cigarette smoke



By : Fitria Dwija Yanti

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Biologi

This research aimed to know the sperm quality of rat ( Rattus sp.) which are given from smoke of cigarette and juwet fruit extract (Syzygium cumini L.), it was carried out from January to March 2014 at Animal Structure Laboratory of Biology FMIPA Udayana University. This study uses of rat aged 3 month, 200-210 gram, total 24 rat consisting of 4 treatment, is control, smoke of cigarette, juwet fruit extracts, and smoke of cigarette to juwet fruit extracts. Each treatment consisting 6 replications, each consisting of 1 rat. Before, acclimatization of rat treated 7 days. Way of giving juwet fruit extracts the gavage method 2 ml once daily for 48 days, while the CMC-Na 0,5% is given control. The exposure to cigarette smoke is given from an aerator pump , Once daily for 48 days. Data were analyzed with ANOVA, if they were 5% significantly different would be followed by a DMRT. The result showed that exposure of cigarette smoke significantly decrease sperm quality of rat (p > 0,05). This is because exposure to cigarette smoke causes the formation of ROS resulting in oxidative stress and cause damage cells, tissues and organs, especially to the reproductive system. Juwet fruits extract have been able to improve the sperm quality of rat expose to smoke. This case because of antioxidant from juwet fruit can be protect cell from the free radical attack.

Keyword : Rattus sp, smoke of cigarette, juwet fruits extracts, sperm quality, ROS, antioxidant

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