effect of fruit extract juwet (Syzygium cumini L.) againts white histological structure rat trachea (Rattus sp.) Who had been exposed smoke



By : I Komang Angga Kristiawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Biologi

Juwet ( Syzygium cumini L. ) is one of the rare plants and rarely cultivated . The pulp and skin of this fruit has many benefits , among others, to grease the lung , stop cough , improves digestive organs , as well as suppress the production of free radicals in the body . This study aimed to determine the effect of juwet fruit extract on histological structure of rat(Rattus sp ) trachea which exposed to cigarette smoke . This research used Completely Randomized Design ( CRD ) , with four treatments : the control group (K0) treated with 0.5 % CMC Na, (K1) group is exposed to cigarette smoke , (K2) group were given juwetfruit extract, and (K3) group is exposed to cigarette smoke and juwet fruit extracts. Each treatment consisted of 6 rats as replication .The exposure to cigarette smoke is given from an aerator pump lit cigarettes. Juwet fruit extract and 0.5 % CMC - Na was orally administered ( gavage method ) for 48 days . The variable observed are presence of cilia , number of goblet cells , epithelium height ,and diameter of the lumen . Data were analyzed with ANOVA and Kruskal - Wallis test. If they were 5 % significantly different would be followed by Duncan test. The results showed that the exposure to cigarette smoke causes the reduction of cilia , goblet cell hyperplasia , shortened the cylindrical ciliated epithelium , and the shortening of the diameter of the trachea . The results showed that administration to cigarette smoke causes the reduction of cilia , goblet cell hyperplasia , resulting in shortened of the layer of ciliated pseudo complex epithelial, and narrowing of the trachea diameter. The results showed there are significantly different ( P < 0.05 ) between control and treatment groups . This is because the content of cigarette smoke can lead to an increase in the number of radicals in the body , causing damage to the cell membrane, resulting in the damage to histological structure of the trachea.

Keyword : histology trachea, free radicals, antioxidants, Rattus sp, Syzygium cumini L.

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