The Use of Natural Zeolite Activated as a Adsorbent to Reduce BOD and COD in Wastewater Tofu Industry



By : Ni Wayan Trisna Dewi

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Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Kimia

A research on the natural zeolite as an adsorbent activated to reduce the BOD (Biochemical Oxigen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxigen Demand) in wastewater tofu industry. Wastewater produced by tofu industrial still contains suspended solids and dissolved substances that can pollute the water. One of the way is using adsorption method. The adsorbent used is natural zeolite. Proses activated was HCl 6 N and NH4NO3 2 N, the result then calcined at a temperature of 3000C. This study aims to determine the optimum massa, the optimum temperature of the zeolite in the effluent and the maximum percentage of the reduction in BOD and COD tofu wastewater industry. The optimum massa determination by adding a zeolite that has been activated respectively 0,5; 1,0; 1,5 and 2,0 g in 10 mL of waste out, then in the shaker for 150 minutes at a temperature of 300C. In determining the optimum temperature, optimum mass zeolite added in 10 mL of tofu wastewater, in shaking 150 minutes at a temperature variation of 50, 40 and 3000C. After in shaking and then centrifuged, the resulting filtrate and then analyzed BOD after COD. The results showed that the reduction in BOD of each massa variation is 64,2; 71,4; 85,7; and 78,5%, while the reduction in COD was 18,5; 23,8; 35,7; and 32,7%. The decrease BOD on variations in temperature is 35,7; 42,8; and 85,7% while the COD reduction is 7,9; 12,5; and 35,7%. The decrease BOD and COD wastewater in intractions with zeolite without activation on a mass of 1.5 g and a temperature of 300C respectively by 57,1% and 3,3%. Initially increasing zeolite in the wastewater causes a decrease BOD and COD more bigger but declined again. The temperature variation of waste, the lower the temperature, decrease BOD and COD increases.

Keyword : natural zeolite, adsorpsion, BOD, COD, tofu wastewater

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