Marketing Plan of Tuna Tofu at Micro Enterprise Nabilla Makmur in Pacitan, East Java



By : Ni Luh Made Ratna Hapsari Putri

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Faculties : Fakultas Pertanian

Department : S1 Agribisnis

Tofu is one of the most popular Indonesian processed foods. There are many types of processed tofu in Indonesia, one of which is tuna tofu. Nabilla Makmur is one of the micro enterprises in Pacitan which processes tofu and tuna into tuna tofu products. Nabilla is still new in this business so its marketing is still low and limited. This study aimed to know the marketing plan of tuna tofu micro business of Nabilla Makmur in 2017 as a new pioneered business unit and having a bright sales prospect. The location of the research was chosen purposively. The data analysis used Smart Business Plan 8.0 program consisting of marketing plan variables such as corporate mission and objectives, market analysis, internal and external factors, corporate objectives, general marketing strategy, and marketing mix strategy. This variable was then descriptively and qualitatively analyzed. The company's mission was to meet the community's need for fish, especially on processed fish in the form of tuna tofu products. The company did not implement the target in sales, but within one month the company was able to produce up to 1.500 packs per month. Based on the results of internal and external factors analysis by maximizing the strength and exploiting the existing opportunities and minimizing the weaknesses and threats from outside by improving the quality of tuna tofu products and services to consumers, looking for new potential supplier areas, promotion through internet and mass media and additional personnel as company sales, and cooperation with gift shop around Pacitan. The strategy adopted by the company was a marketing mix strategy which consists of product strategy using packaging system using vacuum plastic, pricing strategy based on competitor price, and cost of principle sale price in determining selling price of tuna tofu, company distribution strategy through local sales in Pacitan city and sales in out of Pacitan city covering some big cities in Indonesia, company promotion strategy with good company name and through social media.

Keyword : Keywords: tuna tofu, marketing plan, marketing strategy

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