Thematic Learning Method for First Grade Elementary School Children on the Android Platform



By : Gde Agus Okynawa

Email :

Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknologi Informasi

Thematic Learning is a lesson packed into the form of themes involving several subjects presented in the integrated media. The application of thematic began in 2013 for children of elementary school classes I to III by linking subjects within a theme. Implementation of thematic learning applied to the textbooks by put images to make it more easily understood. The way for students to understand the content of thematic learning is to create a game application of thematic material itself. In addition to attracting interest in learning, through educational games can relieve saturated with the subjects that received at school. Applications developed for children first grade of elementary school consists of six themes. The resulting application is a game application that consists of suitable learning materials and exercises theme for the elementary school class I. Result of the research is an application that can be played by drag & drop and pick one of the multiple choice answers which the game is part of Thematic material first grade elementary school

Keyword : Android, Thematic, Learning, Children, Elementary First Grade

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